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Zone Blue  
Zone Blue is a fixed width table-less theme for phpnuke. This theme is built to be lightweight, fast loading, and is also XHTML compliant for you ravenNuke users. Zone Blue includes a matching forum template made just for this theme. This theme should work with phpnuke versions 7.6(patched) and up, and will also work with ravenNuke 2.10.x and 2.20.x

You need to download both packages.
The forums need updated to work with the latest ravenNuke.

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Posted By: Guardian Rating: Date: 04/01/08 05:59:55 AM
This theme, as the description tells you, comes as two seperate packages. I often ask my wife to install things for me as she has no php knowledge at all and can just about manage to work my ftp software. I had her install this theme on my site and she managed to follow the very simple instructions without a problem. The theme looks great, can easily be modified and is very resource friendly due to it\\'s clean code and minimal use of images. Also, because the theme is XHTML Compliant, it is cross browser compatible and I can breath easy knowing that however browsers might change in the future, my theme will still work. Compared to the usual nuke themes, this theme has a very small footprint in terms of file size, so it will be loading in a snap, even on cheap, over sold hosting accounts.

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